• Vision & Scope by Metier

    A well-proven concept for successfully implementing Project Portfolio Management

    Vision and Scope concept by Metier

Vision & Scope

Implementing a solution for Project Portfolio Management is often regarded as a simple IT project. Typically, organisations focus more on the solution’s features and functions than on, how the new solution affects the organisation’s overall ecosystem. Metier’s Vision & Scope concept transforms your IT projects to value generating business projects.

Metier’s Vision & Scope

A well-proven approach

Based on P3O®, Metier’s Vision & Scope concept is a well-proven approach for helping organisations implement the right PPM solution for their particular organisation.

By gathering specific data about the organisation, we can help you optimise your choice of PPM solution and make sure that the chosen solution is a perfect fit for your organisation.

Due to our extensive experience and profound knowledge of project and portfolio management as well as change management, we can furthermore ensure the success of the implementation process.

We do that by ensuring that the chosen solution is designed and implemented under consideration of what will generate the most value for your organisation.

5 Steps to a Successful PPM Implementation

Metier’s Vision & Scope approach consists of several activities and elements.

Step 1 to 3 are within the scope of our concept, while step 4 and 5 take place after the Vision & Scope phase.

Vision & Scope Concept for implementing Project Portfolio Management by Metier

Vision & Scope Roadmap

Vision & Scope Roadmap for successfully implementing Project Portfolio Management - by Metier

Vision & Scope Workhop

A major element in Metier’s Vision & Scope concept is one or more Vision & Scope workshops with participation of all stakeholders relevant to the project.

The purpose of the workshop(s):

  • Identifying the organisation’s current situation, needs, and challenges
  • Clarifying overall vision, goals and objectives
  • Clarifying relevant conditions about the desired project, such as time, scope, costs, quality, risks etc.

Metier will facilitate the workshop(s), and gather and document relevant input from all stakeholders.

Vision and Scope Workshop: Successful implementation of Project Portfolio Management

Vision & Scope Report

The outcome of the workshop(s) and data collection is a comprehensive report including:

  • A collection of all findings
  • Description of the overall vision and scope for the solution
  • Clear description of demands and requirements
  • Recommendations for process and solution implementation
  • Detailed resource estimate for both external and internal deliveries
  • High-level solution design and project plan including essential deliveries
  • Business case input
  • Recommendations for organisational implementation and anchoring of the solution

The report will support the overall vision and ensure that all participants will be working to accomplish the same goal.

Furthermore, the outcome of the workshop(s) is part of the envisioning phase and will form the basis for a more detailed planning of the project, resources needed etc.

Post Vision & Scope Elements

With the Vision & Scope Report in hand, you can approach any service provider to help your organisation implement the desired solution. Should you decide to proceed with Metier, together we will devise a roadmap and start the project. We recommend the following elements in that process:

1. Plan, deliver and implement

  • Detailed project plan and resource allocation
  • Solution design and development
  • Technical implementation
  • Organisational implementation and anchoring

2. Evaluate and optimise

  • Measure effect
  • Adjust and enhance the solution
  • Realise benefits

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